Aeolos Wind Turbine Company


Aeolos wind turbine retail in B&Q superstore

Aeolos small wind turbine will be sold in 100 B&Q superstores. The 500w and 1kw wind turbine are for the small house or farm. Aeolos hope to explore the marketing through the network of B&Q.

B&Q claim the average household should see the devices pay for themselves in three or four years, as long as no major changes are needed in the existing heating and plumbing systems.

A range of other energy efficient devices recommended by the Energy Saving Trust, such as low energy light bulbs, will also be available at the participating stores.

It is hoped that if take up by the mass market is great enough, it could drive the price of micro generation technology down, energy generating devices could then become a common part of home improvements, instead of something that required a belief in the green cause.

B&Q said it did not want to mislead people, so it was organizing surveys from the outset to see if customers' houses were unsuitable for wind turbine, such as being in a wind shadow, a built-up area or a conservation area where there might be planning objections.

Aeolos is planning to sell the 1kw small wind turbine to more and more family in UK and EU.