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Wind Turbine Towers

Aeolos is a small wind turbine towers manufacturer. We provided different wind turbine towers for our dealer and customers. The tower has its own advantage and disadvantage in the cost, reliability, installation and maintenance. So it is difficult to say which one is the best tower for a wind turbine system. You may choose the package of our recommend towers or choose the tower according to your local situation.

Aeolos Wind Turbine Guyed Tower

Guyed tower was made by narrow steel pipe and supported by guy wires. It is usually used for 500W to 5kW wind turbines. The height of guyed tower is usually from 6m to 18m.
Advantage: The lowest cost solution and easy installation.
Disadvantage: Not easy climbable for inspections or repairs. Require more land than mono pole tower.


Aeolos Wind Turbine Monopole Tower
Monopole wind turbine tower also named free standing tower. It was made by steel pipe with a free standing design. It was used for 1kW to 50kW wind turbines. The height of mono tower is usually from 12m to 36m.
Advantage: Good look, less vibration and more reliable
Disadvantage: The cost is higher than guyed tower and the maintenance need crane too.

Aeolos Wind Turbine Hydraulic Tower
Hydraulic tower is the most popular wind turbine tower in recently years. It was consist of hydraulic base, monopole tower and hydraulic cylinder system. The hydraulic tower can be used from 3kW to 50kW wind turbines. The height of this tower is usually from 12m to 30m.
Advantage: Easy maintenance and do not need crane.
Disadvantage: It is the highest cost of tower solution.

Aeolos guyed tower, monopole tower and hydraulic tower

Local rules may impose height restrictions to wind towers: rules imposing maximums of 40 or 60 feet / 12-18 meters are common, which may have a negative impact on the electric power generated by wind turbines. Pay attention to local rules before you choose Aeolos wind turbine towers.

More wind turbine towers specification, please see below