Aeolos Wind Turbine Company


Grid-tied Small Wind Turbine Inverters


CTW-1.5-2ks Inverter matched with Aeolos 1kW and 2kW Wind Turbines. They have been passed the Intertek test according to VDE-AR-N 4105:2011-08 and DIN VDE V 0124-100.

CTW-3KS/ 3.6KS/ 5KS
CTW-3KS/ 3.6KS/ 5KS Inverter matched with Aeolos 3kW, 5kW and 10kW Wind Turbines. There is UL and CE certificates which can be grid tied in US, Canada and EU countries.

This interface is a product for wind grid tied inverters. It can be used in Aeolos 1kW, 2kW, 3kW, 5kW and 10kW wind turbine system with CTW inverters. The dump load resistance is combined in one box and isolate with the control panel. In the premise of safety, it saves the installation space.

Micro Wind Converter and Wind-Solar Hybrid Storage Inverters

Micro Converter 1kW to 2kW

This converter combines the wind controller and grid-tied inverter. The wind turbine AC voltage will be connected on the converter directly. A dump load resistance which is also connected on it is used for limiting the RPM of the wind turbine. As the input voltage range is 8Vac~22Vac, 16Vac~45Vac, and 33Vac~67Vac, they are normally used for 300W, 500W, 1kW, 2kW low voltage grid-on system.

Wind-Solar Hybrid Storage Inverter 3kW/5kW

This inverter is a new technology product. It has two MPPT inputs, one is for wind turbine, and the other is for solar panel. A battery bank can be connected on the inverter to store the energy produced by the energy source (wind and solar). The energy will be stored in the battery firstly, then power the load. Extra energy will be transmited to the state grid.

If there is no wind in cloudy days, the inverter will converter the energy from battery bank for powering the backup equipments.