Aeolos Wind Turbine Company


Power One Wind Turbine Inverters

PVI-3.0, PVI-3.6, PVI-4.2-OUTD-W
Power One Aurora 3kw,3.6kw and 4.2kw inverters matched with Aeolos 2kw, 3kw, 10kw and 20KW Wind Turbines.

Power One Aurora 6kw Inverter matched with Aeolos 5kw,10kw and 20kw Wind Turbines.

Power One Aurora 10kw Inverter matched with Aeolos 10kw, 20kw and 30Kw Wind Turbines. There is UL and CE certificates which can be grid tied in US, Canada and EU countries.

MSWI 50 kW Wind Inverter - US, EU
Power One 50 kW Inverter has the UL, CE and other certifications can be grid tied in US, Canada and EU. Aeolos 50kw wind turbine has made the matching test with MSWI 50kw inverter in our plant and onsite.

4000 and 7200 interface can be used in Aeolos 2kw, 3kw and 5kw wind turbine systems.

This interface is a new product for power one new grid tie inverters. It can be used in Aeolos 20kw and 50kw wind turbine system with aurora inverters.

SMA Wind Turbine Inverters

WINDY BOY 5000A / 6000A
Wind Boy 5000A and 6000A inverters can be used in parallel connections. For example, 3x6000A for 15kw wind turbines or 9x6000A for Aeolos 50kw wind turbines.

WINDY BOY 3600TL / 5000TL
Windy Boy 3600TL and 5000TL are transformer-less inverters. They can not be parallel connection used so only matched for Aeolos 3kw and 5kw wind turbines.

WINDY BOY 3300 / 3800
Wind Boy 3300/3800 have the low nominal input voltage. They are suitable for Aeolos 2kw and 3kw wind turbines.

WINDY BOY 5000-US / 6000-US / 7000-US / 8000-US
Wind Boy US inverters with UL certification matched for Aeolos 5kw, 10kw and 20kw wind generators.

Windy Boy 3000 US with UL certification is suitable for Aeolos 3kw wind turbine. It can be used in Canada and US.

It can provide good protection for small wind turbine systems. Available in three voltage classes: 400 V, 500 V and 600 V. It can be used in Aeolos wind turbines from 2kw to 50kw.