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How to choose the roof top wind turbine?

When you want to install a roof top wind turbine, you need to know why you prefer a roof top wind turbine and how to choose the roof top wind turbine. The roof mounted wind turbine could fully use the height of building and the building roof space. So it could capture more wind energy but save much space. This is why people prefer the roof top wind turbine than the ground turbine.

Before you installed the roof top wind turbine, you need to make below things clear.

1. The endurance of the roof:
When the wind turbine will be installed on the roof, the roof situation, such as the structure, thickness and constructing materials of the roof must be checked. Of course, it should be ensured that the roof can endure the weight of the turbine, that's to say the load of the roof has to be higher than the weight of the wind turbine.

2. The noise issue:
Compared with Horizontal axis wind turbine, Vertical wind turbine is the preference for the roof, because of its lower noise. So it can be assured that it will bring no trouble to the normal living environment of the residents.

3. The vibration issue:
It matters the security of the turbine. So the turbine whose vibration is lighter is a better choice when we consider the turbine model.

4. The tower cost issue:
Because of the building's existing height, the tower height can be relatively lower than that on the ground. So the tower cost will be lower accordingly.

5. Externally united shape:
In order to make the overall appearance better, the turbine should be united with the building style.