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Wind turbine blade design:

Blade is one of the most important parts for a wind turbine system. Wind turbine blades design is not a difficult thing for the small horizontal axis wind turbine. As there were many introduction about this design and not much difference in these designs. For the vertical axis wind turbine, the blades design is really a difficult technical problem because it is no common model in this fields. Different designs maybe have much difference in wind utilize ratio.

For small horizontal wind turbine, blades design is not a problem. There were many design introduction in the internet. For the vertical blades design, it is the business secret for most of wind turbine manufacturers.

Wind turbine blades material:

Wood blades: Easy to make and easy to be destroyed. Wood blades are usually used in some simple and small wind turbines. Good wood may increase the lifetime of the blades.

PVC blades: PVC blades have the light weight and easy to install but it is only applied in small wind turbines.

Aluminum alloy blades: It is not unusual blades material for small wind turbines. In some countries, aluminum alloy blades are used for 1kw-5kw wind turbines.

Fiber Glass blades: It is the popular wind turbine blades material for both small wind turbines and large wind turbines. The problem is that it is difficult to make for home or small factory. It need the professional technology and equipments.

Wind turbine blades manufacturers:

There were many wind turbine blade manufacturers in the world however the best blades manufacturers are located in Denmark, Germany and USA. Denmark is the hub of modern wind turbine industry. Danish wind turbine blades manufacturers have the leading position in wind turbine blades manufacturing. Aeolos wind turbine has a wind turbine blades factory in Denmark. It supplies the high quality wind turbine blades for all the Aeolos wind turbines.