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Most of small wind turbines were applied in homes, farms and villages. Residential wind turbine has a fast growth in past ten years. Aeolos developed the residential wind turbines from 500w to 20kw in 1992. In this article, Aeolos will introduce the residential wind turbines from the rated power, different types of wind turbine and inverters.

Rated Power

Micro residential wind turbines ncluded the 300w, 500w 1000w wind turbines. These residential wind turbines were used for the lights, small fans or mini electronic.

Small residential wind turbines included the 3kw, 5kw, 10kw and 20kw wind turbines. These residential wind turbines could provide the full power for a 3-5 people home or small farms. The 20kw residential wind turbine even supplied the electricity for a small village.

Types of Wind Turbines

Horizontal axis residential wind turbine was widely used in the houses and farms who are far away the downtown area. As the horizontal residential wind turbine will bring some noisy in a certain area. So it is not suitable for the homes in urban area.

Vertical axis residential wind turbine is very popular in the urban area and the rooftop of buildings. Although the cost of vertical turbine is much higher than the horizontal ones, it is still the first choice for the urban homes as it need less space for the installation and has lowest noise.

Types of Inverters

Grid off residential wind turbine means the power in the battery not connecting to the national grid. This type of inverter is for the micro wind turbines but it needs a plus cost for the batteries. As the lifetime if battery is usually 2-3 years.

Grid tie (Grid on) residential wind turbine means the wind electricity connecting to the state grid through the grid tie inverter. The wind energy not only supplies the electricity to the home use but also sell to the government.

The above is a brief introduction for the residential wind turbines. As a leading residential wind turbine manufacturer, we'd like to provide more information for our potential customers.