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500w residential wind turbine

Many people concern wind turbine construction. Aeolos will tell you the construction of home wind turbines in this article. There are four basic parts for wind turbine construction. The wind turbine consists of turbine blades, turbine, tower and control system. The entire wind turbine can be constructed out of parts that you either build or purchase on the internet.

Turbine blades could be made by wood, PVC, aluminum alloy or glass fiber. For some small wind turbine, people like to manufacture the turbine blades by wood or plastic. These homemade blades also may not stand up to strong winds and they are not as aerodynamic. These blades will reduce the use ratio of wind power. So the best way is to buy the turbine blades from professional blades manufacturers.

Turbine is the most important parts for a wind turbine system. It consists of more than ten components including the generator, rotor, gear, shaft, bearing and others. If you are an electrinical engineer, you may install a small turbine by yourself. For most of people, the best way is to purchase a complete turbine from internet or hardware shop.

Some people are tempted to only put there tower about 10 feet in the air. In reality the tower needs to be at least 20-25 feet in the air and clear the nearest houses and trees by two feet. If you do decide to build your own tower make sure you secure it in the ground with concrete and reinforce the structure with cross bars. Of course, rooftop is a good choice, if you install a rooftop wind turbine, the height of tower will be about 10-15 feets.

Control system included the controller and inverter. This is the most easy part for a wind turbine as you just need to buy from ebay shop or other suppliers. No body could do a control system in his backyard.