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With the development of renewable energy, more and more people are interested in DIY wind turbine. How to build your own wind turbine for home? There were some articles about how to build a DIY wind turbine however most of them are not easy to do or the DIY wind turbine is very simple.

Aeolos wind turbine tell you how to build your own excellent wind turbine. Firstly, you should know how many parts are in a small wind turbine?


You can buy from your local hardware shop or the blade manufacturers. There are several materials of blades: Glass fiber, Aluminum alloy or alloy steel. At present, glass fiber blade is the most popular for small wind turbines.


Generator is the heart of a wind turbine. An efficient and good quality generator is most important for a DIY wind turbine. The following picture is the permanent magnetic generator of Aeolos wind turbine.

Turbine parts:

Other turbine parts included rotor, hub, bearing, gear, yaw and other parts. You can order these parts from the internet.

Control system:

The control system usually covered the control system and safety system. An automatic brake system is necessary. It is better to set a mechanical hand brake.


There are three types of wind turbine tower now (Guyed tower, Lattice tower, Monopole tower). The height of tower and which type you should choose depended on you local site and wind speed.

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