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Wind turbine cost for home user

People concern the cost of wind turbine when they plan to purchase a small wind power system for home or farm. Aeolos wind turbines show the costs of a small wind turbine system.

Turbine cost:

Wind turbine included the rotor, blades, generator, gearbox and other parts. The cost of turbine depended on the material of all the parts, such as the blade, bearing, shaft and magnetic wire.

Tower cost:

Guyed tower is the cheapest one, only for small wind turbines below 2kw. Freestanding tower is widely used in the range from 3kw to 30kw. The height is from 12m to 40m. Hydraulic tower is easy to install but the cost is the highest in these three towers.

Installation cost:

This depended on the types of your tower and the weight of the turbine. Light weight will be easy to install and erection.

Maintenance cost:

Most of people will ignore the maintenance cost as it did not happen at the purchase step. As the special design and the height of wind turbine, maintenance cost should be considered. It is the most important thing to choose a good quality wind turbine.