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Aeolos- V 300W / 600W / 1000W - Grid Off

Aeolos small vertical wind turbines (300W, 600W,1000W) were usually off grid system with 24V or 48V battery bank for street lights, boats, home and telecom towers. Aeolos-V 1kV can be grid on application with SMA Windy Boy 1100LV inverter.

Aeolos-V 2kW / 3kW / 5kW / 10kW - Grid On

Above vertical wind turbines have both grid on and off grid applications. For the off grid application, wind generators can charge 48V or 96V battery banks for home, small village, school, island and other power supply.

For the grid on application, they can connect to the state grid at 120V, 60Hz or 230V, 50Hz with ABB inverter or SMA Windy Boy inverter.


More Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Aeolos Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Video

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Why choose Aeolos Veritcal Wind Turbines?

Safety :
Our aluminum alloy blades use the special aerodynamic design which limited the max rotating speed to 320rpm even the wind speed is 25m/s or 30m/s. It is more safe and reliable than traditional vertical axis wind turbine. Both electronic brake and mechanical brake are available to stop the wind turbine for wind storm, maintenance or other purpose.

Efficiency :
The efficiency of wind turbine depends on start up wind speed, rated wind speed and generator efficiency. Our vertical axis wind turbine could start up at 1.5m/s (3.4mph), has the power output to inverter at 2.5m/s and reach the rated power at 10m/s (22.3mph). The annual energy output is 40% more than wind turbine with a 3.5m/s or 4.5m/s cut in wind speed.

Reliability :
Our wind turbine blades and frame were made by high quality aluminum alloy with a 20 year design lifetime. All of parts have been a high grade anti-corrosion treatment. There is no gear box and adjustment mechanics which are sensitive to failure. So the customers only need a minimum maintenance work every year.

Low Noisy:
Aeolos vertical wind turbine has the low noisy level. It can not be heard from 20m away. The average noise is lower than 45dB (A) in 8m/s wind speed. It is very suitable for the roof top mount in school, supermarket, park and other urban area.