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Wind Turbine Dump Load Box

The material of dump load box is stainless steel. It was widely used as resistance in small wind turbine system because of the good rust resistance. The stainless steel dump load has the good heat storage capacity. This could make the box temperature rising slowly in the unloading process;

Specification Of Dump Load Box for 3KW Wind Turbine:
1. Rated Capacity:5KW;
2. Nominal Resistance and tolerance:4Ω±2%;
3. Rated Voltage:DC141.4V;
4. Rated Current:DC35.4A
5. Protection Level:IP20;

Aeolos dump loading box

Specification Of Dump Load Box for 5KW Wind Turbine:
1. Rated Capacity:8KW;
2. Nominal Resistance and tolerance:6.5Ω±2%;
3. Rated Voltage:DC228V;
4. Rated Current:DC35.09A
5. Protection Level:IP20;


Specification Of Dump Load Box for 10KW Wind Turbine:
1. Rated Capacity:15KW;
2. Nominal Resistance and tolerance:10Ω±2%;
3. Rated Voltage:DC387.3V;
4. Protection Level:IP20.
5. Rated Current:DC38.73A

Aeolos resistance box for wind turbine