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Wind Turbine Controllers

There are three types of controllers matching with different Aeolos wind turbines. The controller usually included the control, rectifier and charging functions. For the hybrid street light wind turbines, we recommend the MPPT controller. Aeolos PLC controller can be used in our grid off and grid tie wind turbines.


MPPT Controller For Street Light Wind Turbine

Our MPPT controller was used in the 300w or 500w street light wind turbines. It is a hybrid controller for both wind turbine and solar panel. MPPT function makes the energy efficiency more than 96% and it can set the power supply in different time according to the customer need.

Wind Turbine Controller

Wind Turbine Charge Controller

PLC Controller With Touch Screen

Aeolos PLC controller was applied on our wind turbines from 5kw to 50kw. It included the control, rectifier and protection functions. The controller was made of ABB and Omron components. The customer can monitor all the data and control the wind turbine through touch screen. Remote monitoring is also available on this PLC controller.

PLC Controller For Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Controller