Aeolos Wind Turbine Company


Wind Turbine Anemometers

There are many types anemometers used in wind turbine. Aeolos provided the 4-20mA anemometer and ultrasonic wind anemometer to our customers.

4-20mA Anemometer and Anemoscope
This anemometer and anemoscope are used in many MW wind turbines except for the auto heating function. There were made in injection molding technology with the reinforcing Fibers. The IP level is 55 so they can work in different environment.



Ultrasonic Anemometer
Ultrasonic anemometer check the wind speed and wind direction via ultrasonic. The difference with traditional anemometer is no movement parts on the body. It is more reliable and higher IP grade. The temperature range is from -35°to 70°C. It can be used in very cold and hot area.

ultrasonic anemometer

Economic Wind Anemometer
This kind of sensor is a system for measuring wind resource for wind farm. A SD card installed inside the recorder will record the meteorological data every 10 minutes. You can analysis the data after download it to a computer from the SD card. The recommend software will be MATLAB. It will help you to find whether the place is suitable for a wind turbine system.

economic anemometer picture